Learn about our Hawaii title abstracting process. From ordering a title search on HawaiiTitleSearch.com, to research of your Hawaii real estate parcel, to final title report delivery, we step your through the basics of our title research start to finish. Contact us or call 1-808-201-6226 for further details.

Hawaii Title Search Inquiry

Title Search Purchase

You order a Hawaii title search or land record document via HawaiiTitleSearch.com's website order page. All transmission of financial information is secure.

Land Parcel Investigation Preparation

Land Investigation Preparation

Aloha Title Research operations team receives property information from your incoming order. We locate the Hawaii parcel, verify the parcel APN, convert the address to a land record legal description, and identify the correct Hawaii county jurisdiction for official property records and legal documents.

Describe Parcel Ownership

Describe Property Ownership

A HawaiiTitleSearch.com certified tile abstractor retrieves preliminary Hawaii land records from the county title plant, and creates a dispatch sheet for field research. Parties associates with the property parcel are identified; prior owners, cross-parties, countersigners, vested co-owners, etc.

Source Hawaii Land Documents

Source Documents & Instruments

Data sources (state, county, city) of documents needed to prepare the Hawaii title abstract are identified. Real estate instruments are sourced from multiple locations as needed:

  • Land Records
  • Tax Assessor
  • Civil Court Records
  • Probate Court
  • Prothonotary
  • Hawaii Secretary of State
  • MERS
  • EPA environmental documents
  • county Planning Department
  • US Treasury Department
  • and more...

Document Retrieval

A Hawaii Title Reports professional title research abstractor obtains official documents from government land records. Documents are then indexed by name, retrieved, and ordered in chronological order. We have title researchers in every county records offices of Hawaii state, everyday.

Title Abstracting Hawaii Real Estate

Title Abstracting

The documents are read and analyzed to determine if they pertain to the subject Hawaii property. Documents are complied to see if there are releases of liens or mortgages. During abstracting, cross-referenced information can be discovered within the text of the parcel document language.
Note: Before creating the official title abstract, it may be necessary to make subsequent visits to one or more Hawaii county records offices to obtain additional information and document images.

Compile the Official Title Report

Complete Title Report

The official Hawaii title report is created by describing the deeds, liens, mortgages, encumbrances, and property ownership. The listed instrument types, and official document copies, will vary depending on the title report and/or title document images you ordered. The completed title report is created specifically for the order placed, is the official document of a title search, and said report is a private document that cannot be found in Hawaii public records. Research of land records may be back to a certain county records date, or to a point of ownership transfer, or may be date irreverent, depending on the title search ordered. The effective date is current as of the most recently available recorded documents made publicly available in Hawaii.

Quality Title Report Review

We guarantee our certified title report. Our proprietary AI uses deep learning mechanics to algorithmically review your Hawaii title report, scanning it for potential inconsistencies, red flags, and missing data. After passing these checks, a Aloha Title Research certified title abstractor reviews every official title report and clears it for release to you. Visit our Frequently Asked Questions for additional information.

Client Delivery of PDF

Client Title Abstract Delivery

Hawaii Title Reports offers a variety of delivery methods for your official certified Hawaii title report or official county records deed image and document image copies. The completed abstract / order may be as little as a page, or up to hundreds of pages long; always saved as a PDF, and as a standard convivence is emailed to you via a download link when finished. HawaiiTitleSearch.com offers alternative delivery methods if required.

1-808-201-6226 Support Follow Up

Support Follow Up

A Aloha Title Research customer service team member may follow up with you on specific report issues or concerns, or just to ensure you received the title report file. And of course, you may contact us or call 1-808-201-6226 to get your questions answered.